No place for unsafe or dangerous pranks videos on YouTube

No place for unsafe or dangerous pranks videos on YouTube: On Tuesday, YouTube make clear the rules in contradiction of posting videos of dangerous pranks, as these unsafe dangerous challenges prompt people to make their videos doing uncertain things such as biting into laundry soap or driving blindfolded or any challenge which might lead to their life at risk.

  • Google’s video sharing platform updated its guidelines on Tuesday to clarify that it won’t allow the publication of videos encouraging dangerous activities.
  • It came after a rise in people participating in the “Bird Box challenge,” where people perform activities blindfolded.
  • A YouTube spokesperson told CNBC on Wednesday that content which caused serious distress to children would also be banned.

These kinds of challenges certainly influence or in another word make target to the kids or teenagers which might certainly bring out the drastic result at the end. The company previously also prohibits content provocative unsafe hazardous actions probable to result in serious injury or damage.

The company made a clarification post in a blog “make it clear that challenges like the Tide pod challenge or the Fire challenge, that can cause death and/or have caused death in some instances, have no place on YouTube,”

Another statement from YouTube, which like other social networks, is trying to illustrate that it is better dealing with difficult challenging content. “We’ve made it clear that our policies prohibiting harmful and dangerous content also extend to pranks with a perceived danger of serious physical injury”

It made clear that the new updated polices by the YouTube will ban such unsafe pranks even that one where you trick people into thinking that they are in danger, such as fake home attacks or fake shooting or killings just to make people scare.

“YouTube is home to many beloved viral challenges and pranks, like Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Terrible Christmas Presents’ prank or the water bottle flip challenge,” said YouTube

They further added, “That said, we’ve always had policies to make sure what’s funny doesn’t cross the line into also being harmful or dangerous.”

However, stupid or crazy challenges or pranks have turn out to be intense trends online, using video shared at YouTube or Facebook with specific “memes” have put people in more risk.

Some of the dangerous challenges which were trending on YouTube were “Tide Pod Challenge” where people, usually teens, biting or chewing the compressed candy coloured washing cleanser detergent. A “Fire Challenge” where people were dared to put combustible fluid on their bodies then flare up it with fire.

A month ago on Netflix, “Bird Box” thriller was released which stimulated a dare for people to do stuffs blindfolded, imitating the characters in the original streaming film. And as a result people started doing stuffs such as driving car blindfolded. Also, a US teenager crashed his car over the weekend with her eyes covered. As per the media reports, he was taking part in a challenge stimulated by the hit Netflix show.

YouTube new policy has also bans the pranks that may possibly cause mental or physical shock to the children such as the pranks where children are told about the fake death of a parent or severe desertion.

YouTube will provide a two month grace time period where YouTube will not put on a strike in contradiction of the channels that disrupt the policy, even though it will still eliminate any wrong videos posted before or during that period.