PUBG Mobile: 6-Hour Per Day Limit To Fight Addiction In India

PUBG Mobile: 6-Hour Per Day Limit To Fight Addiction In India: In the present time, Tencent’s popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is tramping in unsafe waters, at least in India where the game has been prohibited in some cities and headed to arrests of a number of persons.

India after the game apparently caused deaths in multiple occurrences, some Indian cities have barred the game for a specific period of time, and because of which numerous people are asking the government to outlaw it. In order to correct this whole thing, the makers seem to be testing a 6-hour per day limit on mobile.

The app is sending a health reminder to the players after the 6-hours of playing on the mobile version. If the player has played for six hours and is logging again then they’re served with a message saying that “You’ve played the game for 6 hours today”. Not only this but it also advises and asks the player to come back at 5:30 am the next day.

PUBG Mobile to impose time limit? Users get ‘Healthy Reminder’ alert

In recent times there was news on the topic of Pubg being banned and kids being arrested for playing the game in public. This initiative by PUBG Mobile is positively better than taking any legal action in contradiction of someone, and by some means it will help in reducing the nationally addiction.

The game also asks the players that if they’re more than 18 years old or not, signifying it may possibly have more restriction limit for users who are under 18. There’s no any official statement regarding this as of now, but the update will be given accordingly as soon as PUBG officials make any announcement.

It is not sure that why they have done this but it may be possible that they did it in order to check and control the addiction for the game among the users. However this feature is yet to be officially confirmed but the dialogue box which appears on the screen that asks the players to join after a break if they go above the time limit is showing something concerning “Healthy Gaming Practices”. The kids will surely do not like this at all but their parents will definitely be a bit happier.

The new update by the PUBG might annoy some users, but it is better than playing for some hours rather than playing nothing due to the ban. It will also help the company to fight off requests to ban the game out-and-out.