Purva & Aryan gets tensed! Krishnadasi 12th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Purva & Aryan gets tensed! Krishnadasi 12th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The episode of Krishnadaasi begins with Aryan is sadly sitting in hospital, Shashwat and Pavitra said that nothing will be happen with Abba. He is so strong and Aryan cries and holds Sashwat. Markand says that Devdaasi’s daughter is waiting for the Baarat. I think I should go there and narrates them the incident of the Rao family.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Kumudini said to Tulsi that she is worry that till now why Baarat has not been come and Kumudini said they must be celebrating before coming here. Aradhya’s friends said to her, you will be forgetting us after going in the big house; Aradhya said I can never forget you. Tulsi now said to Aradhya just thanks to Lord Krishna as he gives you husband like Aryan.

Tulsi and Aradhya everybody is praying to god now and Aradhya is thinking about Aryan on the bridal get up. She said to god that after her marriage she should be loyal and faithful to her marital relationship with Aryan. In the mean time, David is creates Hungama in the hospital, where Abba is in the hospital.

David is keep saying that Saras is having bad condition because of Gayatri. He said that Damini’s mother donate you her kidney to save your life unless, Gayatri already planned to kill you. Now Gayatri come and slapped Davi and bashes on him. Also Gayatri remove her Mangalsutra and throw it on David.

Gayatri cut her marital relaitionship with David and also asked to him that if anything will be happen to Abba, she won’t spare him. David and Saras both are shocked. On the other hand, Kumudini, Tulsi and aradhya is shocked to know that the Baarat will not come as Abba is in ICU.

Aradhya is broke down in tears and Tulsi and Kumudini hold her and try to console her. In the mean time, when Abba got conscious in ICU, he pledge Aryan to marry Purva, it is his last wish as now Abba is on his death bed. Abba also said he don’t want a Devdaasi to make the Bahu of the Rao family.

Aryan is shocked and silent, he is thinking about his love towards Aradhya. Doctor also done the surgery of Abba and asked the Rao family to not give any shock to him and to keep him happy as he is having only short life span. Pavitra also convinces Aryan to marry Purva as it is Abba’s last wish.

PRECAP-: Aaba asks Aryan fulfil sis last wish, and finaaly Aryan cries and said he will marry Purva not Aradhya as for him nothing is more important than his Abba.

Aradhya sees all this standing outside room, she is hurt seeing Aryan holds Purva’s hands and gives nod to marry her. Tears come in Aradhya’s eyes and she broken down now.