Pak Social Media Sensational Qandeel Baloch & Honour or Dishonour Killing

Pak Social Media Sensational Qandeel Baloch & Honour or Dishonour Killing :- Last week, Qandeel Baloch who was a Pakistan Social Media sensational was killed by her brother. Her confessed to the police that he killed her to save their family’s honour. Some mourned the death of a feminist crusader, some compared her to Nobel recipient Malala Yusufzai.


Filmmaker K.M. Chaitanya: A small act of rebellion

In a predominantly conservative country, Qandeel Baloch dared to differ. Baloch was of course raised in a very orthodox family and had her own share of struggles. Qandeel Baloch never put up any obscene pictures of herself on the social media, but she was aware of the risks she was taking. Qandeel was confident of her sexuality. Her death is shocking and deplorable. It is a disgusting and sick mind that asks the victim to take precaution instead of going after the perpetrator. Qandeel Baloch’s brother confessed crime & said that I killed her for honour

Comedian and actor Gaurav Gera: She supported her family

Qandeel Baloch supported her family and her brother didn’t. Her folks got her married at 17 against the wishes of Qandeel. After a struggle in her life, Baloch finally came into her own. Who knows, in five years’ time, she would have turned into a great social worker. The incident is deeply hurtful and makes me angry. Yes, she had that sensual image but that is what made her Qandeel. Pakistan has lost a voice.

Amnesty International Rekha Raj: Qandeel contributed to a cause.

Qandeel Baloch was a woman who expressed her views frankly. Qandeel Baloch contributed a feminist cause. Rekha Raj knows a lot of people who put frank views on their social sites and become celebrities. At the same time, a lot of people do a lot of good work but they go unnoticed. But it is in the virtual world or the real world, it is important to make a mark somewhere.

Theatre Person Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal: Who are we to judge Qandeel baloch?

No one can compare Qandeel to Malala. The reasons of them were different. Today, the people do not know the exact meaning of feminism. It is up to women to decide that how they want to lead their lives and she chose a certain way. Who are we to judge her? Anyone question heroines who dance and wear certain kind of clothes. The actions of baloch did not harm anyone she was correct in her own way. Do we question men when they remove their shirts and prance around wearing nothing?  Then there is no ‘dishonour’ in the men’s action. Shocking! Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch is Killed by her Brother

Author Vibha Batra: Everyone should have the right to live. 

In this world, everyone should have the right. We should not even associate the word honour with what has happened to Baloch. Batra said that this is a murder. The comparison between Baloch and Malala, Batra said that it is not about just these two women but about everyone of us. Everywhere in the world, women are labelled by the way they dress and speak. It is right that Sensual image of Qandeel has made her a bigger talking point on social media.

Author and Poet Sharada Vijay: Qandeel Baloch put herself on the table for the world to see.

Qandeel Baloch tried to express herself boldly. Balcoh rightly said that her country Pakistan would not let her move forward. Qandeel baloch and Malala Yusufzai had distinct issues to address in their lives, but both of them are unified in the fact that women should step forward in society and be the change for the other women. Shrada Vijay thinks that the difference between Baloch and Malala is the way of life they took to make the change possible. Malala fights for the education for the girls and equality between men and women. Qandeel Baloch led a life where she was unapologetic about who she was. Literally, Qandeel Baloch put herself on the table for the world to see.