Queensland Crash: Nurse Heading Home From Work Among Three Killed CCTV Footage

We are before you with horrifying, saddening and a piece of strange news from Queensland, Australia. It has been reported from Queensland that a teenage boy, who was merely 13 years old was driving a stolen car and a multi-car collision killed three people and one is seriously injured and fighting to live. The terrifying tragedy has shaken people worldwide. As the news surfaced on the internet, people are stunned and horrified by the news of the terrible accident. Here we are going to share the whole news that we have sourced. Scroll down to know more.

Queensland Crash

It has been reported that a teenage boy has been charged with killing three people in a multi-car crash. As per the reports, the 13 years old boy allegedly stole a Mercedes from a Queensland home and drove away to the roads. The Mercedes first hit a Holden which consequently hit a Mazda that was travelling in the opposite direction. The incident was initiated when The boy crashed the car with a Holden on Saltwater Creek Rd in Maryborough. The Holden then rammed into a Mazda. The incident happened on Sunday night at around 10.45 pm.

Queensland Crash

It has been reported that there were three women in the Holden. Two of them died on the spot. The deceased women have been identified as a 17-year-old Oakhurst girl and a 29-year-old Maryborough woman. And the third woman who is 23 years old and identified as a Tinana woman has been admitted to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and is in critical condition. The Mazda driver who also has been identified as a 52-year-old Torquay woman also died on the spot. The death of the accident victims has put the people in turmoil and people are grieving over the fatal incident.

The accused boy only 13 years old sustained minor injuries to his foot in the crash. Initial Reports tell us that boy stole the car about two hours before the incident took place. The police are trying to find out whether the boy was with someone else before the crash occurred. As the paramedic teams reached the accident site, it was revealed that one deceased woman,29 was identified as a respected Maryborough Hospital staff nurse, whom they personally knew her. She just finished her shift in the hospital when the crash occurred as per the police.

The other woman, who is in critical condition is related to members of the force in the Fraser Coast region. People are devastated by the tragedy and are sharing their sentiments with the grieving families. The accused boy behind the tragic circumstances will appear in Maroochydore Children’s Court at a later date as per the reports. Further investigations are ongoing. We will be back with more updates in the context of this news. Stay updated……..

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