Raman Chases Khushi Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Raman Chases Khushi Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2016 Episode Written Updates : In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” it has been shown that Raman is dancing with Ishita and Niddhi goes angry on seeing this. Shagun and Manoj went to search Ishita’s pendant and Shagun get shocked when she find that Ishita’s pendent is the missing.


Now Manoj proposed Shagun for marriage and says that now he will be now there to support Raman and Ishita to find out the Nidhi’s truth. She agreed and they both smiled. Now Shagun embraced Manoj.

Niddhi saw Shanaya and Raman smiling and feel jealous to see so. Now Adi wished everyone happy Holi and now Ishita hug her kids. Raman smiles with this. Ishita congratulated Raman for being Raman successful in his mission.

But all of sudden Shagun messaged for failing to find proof and asked her to be ready for plan B. So now Raman showed her the fake bullets and fake blood pouches and asked her to fix these pouches and told her to invoke her to shoot you.

Now as per the Raman and Ishita’s plan a drama start in which it is Raman holds a fake gun and now he holds Nidhi when Nidhi arrived there. When Niddhi saw Raman in that avatar, Nidhi shouted and rush towards him but now Raman holds his head and act to be drunk and accused Ishita of adding something to his drink. Ishita teased Niddhi by saying chalo finally you win the challenge and now you can claimed that Raman is yours.
Nidhi fumes in anger in front of the Ishita but Ishita was keep doing sarcasm about the Nidhi to makes Nidhi anger and that happened actually.

Now Nidhi take gun from the Raman and shoot Ishita to see that Ishita fainted and now Raman starts screaming that you killed Ishita. Nidhi became scared and now Raman said we need to hides Ishita’s body. This was a false drama of the Ishita and Raman to plan a fake death of the Ishita to frame Nidhi in the murdering allegation of the Ishita which is totally false.

Anyway, now Raman make Nidhi realised that it is Ishita died and they hides the Ishita’s body. Nidhi anyway became scared and anxious for killing a person and doing a crime like murder.

In the mean time, Shagun is have labour pain and now she rush towards hospital. With the conversation of the Raman and Shagun, Nidhi doubts whether Ishita is alive but it is again Raman successfully makes Nidhi fool!!!