Real Or Fake? Rs. 200 Note: Picture Is Going Viral On Social Media Images

Real Or Fake? Rs. 200 Note: Picture Is Going Viral On Social Media Images :- The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given a clear proposal to introduce bank notes of Rs. 200 denomination in the near future. This news is going viral on the social site and the internet and the pictures of the Rs. 200 notes are also fetching lots of attentions. As per the report, which is published on some media portals as well as on the Livemint.com, “The process of printing the new Rs. 200 notes are likely to begin after June, once the government officially approves this new denomination”.

But right now there is no official confirmation from the RBI, but Internet has found the current picture of the ‘new’ note! It is a blue-coloured note which mentioned ‘Rs. 200’ thrice and this image of the note is now circulating on various social media groups including, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Rs. 200 Note: Viral On Social Media

So microblogging site shared the photo excitedly, but other social sites are sceptical about the news and they are still looking forward to having more confirmation about the news before confirming it.

As per other media reports, it can be probably possible that the current note of the Rs. 200 is fake, but it is hard to ignore this photo exactly seems like a new Rs 200 note. Before public could think about this current Rs 200 note, let us tell you that reportedly, the government is planning to launch such a note.

If this is another photoshop job, then you can see another Rs 200 notes which are having a watermark. There is also Rs 200 written in Hindi over the note more than once. Also, it is different in colour from Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes which released recently and also it is having new design language.

Images of this note have gone viral on social media from early morning which is actually giving goose bumps to the people and social media followers as they are thinking about the note too deeply.