Rishi Kapoor’s Angry tweets worked as an outraged fire

Rishi Kapoor’s Angry tweets worked as an outraged fire : 80’s veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has a valid question, har chiz mein Gandhi hi kyu? On Wednesday, he took loads of tweets about this which worked as an outraged fire on the Twitter. This became a concern for some and a hot topic for some.


He demanded to change the name of the assets which are named after Gandhi and family. He wants the national assets in the name of Gandhi’s to be renamed, Why everything should belong to them? Baap ka maal hai kya?

In his first tweet, he said,Change Gandhi family assets named by Congress Bandra/ Worli Sea Link to Lata Mangeshkar or JRD Tata link road.

We must name the national assets after those who really contributed in our country. Why could not we name them as on Lata Mangeshkar, JRD Tata? Why have every asset named Gandhi’s? He doesn’t agree with his.

In his second tweet, he said, Even in Chandigarh the asset are named after Rajiv Gandhi, Why? If Delhi can be changed, Why not properties name?

He also suggested the name of Raj Kapoor who entertained the country for many years and also Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan and more to be named as national property.