Aru gets shocked! Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar 30th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aru gets shocked! Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar 30th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last episode of the TV series Rishton Ka Saudagar – Baazigar it has been shown that Aarav Warns Arundhati and Aarav gives a deadline to Arundhati to hand over Kailash’s will unless he threatened to kill Sahil. Meanwhile, can Siddhant prove Aarav’s involvement in Kailash’s murder? It is the crux of the story Rishton Ka Saudagar – Baazigar which will be clear in the climax of the today’s episode.

Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar Written Updates

Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar

Arundhuti manages to stop Sahil from having the drink of milk which has been given to him by Aarav and it is the milk was piousness as it has been drunk by a cat who die. Aarav asked Arundhuti to handover the will to him unless Sahil will have to pay for it. And he is too young to pay for it.

Siddhant goes inside the dark jungle. The man says I can’t come with you, you have to go alone. You are putting your life in danger. The man gives him the torch and leaves. Siddhant looks at the house.

Arundhuti shocked to see that Aarav is playing risky game with Sahil. She asked to Aarav that shame on you; for sake of money you are putting a child’s life in danger. It is your sin Aarav, Arundhuti screams.

Siddhant sees the snake poison seller and soon he realised that Aarav is keen to kill Sahil. An old man also asked to Sidhanth that as per future predication Aarav will be killing Sahil so Sahil’s life is in danger. When Arundhuti got to know this she just go stunned.

Sidhanth arrives from crime branch to research about the Kailash death and murder. Aarav is shocked to see Sidhanth and feels that now he needs to be more secure. The poisoned seller also asked to Sidhanth that they sell poisoned to cut the impact of poisoned.

When Sidhanth shows them Aarav’s photo and asked did you send the poisoned to this guy, they said no and we don’t know the guy. The poisoned seller asked to Sidhanth that if we see the guy we will be inform you. Sidhanth thinks how it is possible that Aarav did not buy poisoned from them.

Precap: Aru gets the dolls resembling all family members. She gets shocked to see Aarav is about to enter in the strange room.