Ritwik To Know Truth Of Shivanaya Nagin 13th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode TV serial “Naagin” starts with Sesha telling Suri that he will be killing by a “Nagin” very soon. Suri shivers in fear and says she is “Icchadhari Nagin” and gets into his car. Sesha elaborate the story that Suri himself is responsible for the killing of an “Ichchadhari Couple” 20 years back with his 4 friends. The group also had taken away the “Nagmani” from the “Ichchadhari Couple”. Sesha shows her scary eyes and look which makes Suri scared. He speeds up his and leaved the place. Guru Maa asked about Sesha she is not an ordinary “Nagin” in fact she is extra powerful.

Ritwik To Know Truth Of Shivanaya Nagin 13th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Nagin 13th December 2015 Episode Written Updates

In the meantime Tanvi who is aware from the maid Shivanaya’s stuffs that Shivanaya is here in the Raheja house with her mission. Still Tanvi is not aware that Shivanya is a “Nagin” anyway. Tanvi decides to exposed Shivanaya and get back to Ritvik’s life but Sailesh asked to Tanvi that he will get her a better boy. She thinks she needs only Ritvik.

Meanwhile, Shivanaya always dream about murder of her parents. She seen scared in their sleeping and dream. Ritwik wakes up her but Shivanaya decides to stay mute about it. Anyway, Shivanaya who get to hear with the help of Sesha that it is Suri who is among the person who killed her parents. So, now Shesha decides to kill Suri and attacks him while he was in gym. But Suri who is aware of all these things already put the Mahakali’s ring on his finger.

So, when Shivanaya attacks him, Shivanaya hurts instead but Suri didn’t killed. So, depress Shivanaya arrive in the Lord Shiva’s temple where her Sadhu give her medicine and her wound gets heal. In one attempt Suri saved but Shivanaya make sure that in second attack he should not be saved.

The yesterday night episode finished with that Ritwik is having doubt on Shivanaya as when Shivanaya arrived in her house and gets transform into from a snake to a woman, suddenly Ritwik arrives and asked. “Mujhe Aaj Pata Chala Ke Meri Patni Ek Ichchadhari Nagin Hain”. (Today I Come To know That My Wife Is A Snake Woman).

The episode gets finished. Find out what happen later in tonight episode. In tonight episode it will be also shows that Suri will be killed. Shivanya takes Suri to temple by somehow by using her brain. She kills him with Trishul shouting she is actually an “Icchadhari Nagin” whose parents killed by Suri 20 years back. Shivanaya added further with the death of Suri she took her revenge. Ritvik is shocked to see this.

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