Shocking: Horror as Wife Films husband’s Fatal tombstone’ leap from 100ft Magaluf Cliff Viral Video

The video of a falling man is getting viral on the internet. In the viral video, a man is falling down from a cliff. As far as we know about the man who is shown in this viral video, he was a Dutch tourist who was on a tour along with his wife. The video has been shot at an islet in the Malgrats Islands. He was a 31-year-old man enjoying his tour with his wife. As far as we know, he is dead as he intentionally jumped from the cliff but he hit an unusually shaped outcrop which resulted in giving him a sickening crunch and he died consequently on Thursday, 12th May 2022.

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The video of this incident has gone viral and people are watching this video. As far as we know about this video, it has been recorded by his wife who was sitting in a boat and shooting her husband performing a jump into the river. Unfortunately, her husband could not make a safe landing and he jumped on a rock on his face. As soon as the man clashed with the rock surface, his body bounced back into the waterbody and the man seemed to be a rag doll in this video.

What is tombstoning?

It seems that the man in this vidoe was trying topractice tombstoning. The video is being claimed that a man died while practising tombstoning. No sooner did the man clash with a rock surface than the voice of his wife could be heard so loud remembering God in this shocking situation.

A man passed away on Thursday, 12th May while performing tombstoning in a sea on Malgrats Islands. The vidoe of this incident has been recorded by his wife while sitting on a boat. In the viral video, the man jumps from a cliff and creates a massive stream on his jump. He is trying to jump into the waterbody but he collides with a rock surface on his face. He dies with serious injuries in this incident. His wife is heard yelling ‘On my God” as she is obviously remembering God for the safety of her husband. In this incident, the 31-year Dutch tourist passed away on the spot.

It is a sports activity which is also known as ‘cliff jumping’. In this sport, people jump into a water body from a high cliff. It is one of the most dangerous sports.

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