Sony: Launched SA-D40 and SA-D20 Bluetooth Speaker Systems in India | Features & Price

Sony: Launched SA-D40, SA-D20 Two new Bluetooth Speaker Systems in India | Feature & Price: – Well, if you are a Sony gadget lover then this is news is for you. As per the reports, Sony launched two new speaker systems, the SA-D40 and SA-D20, on Wednesday in the Indian market. The both Bluetooth speakers are looking quite good in the market.  Also, the SA-D40 comes with a 4.1 channel speaker with 80W output while the SA-D20 comes with a 2.1 channel speaker producing 60W output. Overall both speakers are looking good in first sight and you all are going to love them for sure.

Sony SA-D40, SA-D20 Feature and Price

As per the reports, the Sony SA-D40 and SA-D20 speakers will be only available in black color which will start for booking 13th December. We are sure that you all are going to love the gadget for sure and Sony Centre outlets and other major electronic store partners in India. The SA-D40 will come up with h Rs. 8,490 with a best buy price of Rs. 7,990. The SA-D20 has an MRP of Rs. 7,490 with a best buy price of Rs. 6,990.

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Source reports are saying that the Sony SA-D40 and SA-D20 speaker systems come with Bluetooth, AUX, and USB capabilities, enabling both models to wirelessly connect to your smartphone. The speakers can memorize up to eight Bluetooth devices for convenient sharing with other phones. The speaker systems also come with a remote control and a single cable for connecting to your TV. The Sony SA-D40 and SA-D20 have a peak bass frequency of 60Hz and a Driver Unit (satellite) size of 8cm.

We are sure that you all are going to love the audio quality and other things for sure. Even the engineer of Sony said “For high-quality audio, the SA-D40 especially offers a wider peak frequency range providing a holistic audio treat for the consumers. SA-D40 and SA-D20 are tuned based on Indian latest movies and music titles by Sony’s sound engineer. Thanks to this, SA-D40 and SA-D20 realize the best sound with entertainment.”