Terror Radar Capital On High Alert After Haryana Bus Explosion Hints At ‘Something Big’


Terror Radar Capital On High Alert After Haryana Bus Explosion hints at ‘something big’ :- Terrorism is not a new concept for the world, especially in India.India has always been under the radar of terrorist. Mumbai 1992 blast and the famous 26/11 had been the death warrants for lakhs of innocent people.

Delhi terrorism Is Delhi next on the terror radar

Delhi terrorism Is Delhi next on the terror radar


On Thursday, a blast went off in a Haryana Roadways bus near Pipli in Kurukshetra Districts. There are no reports of loss of any life but about eight people get injured.

As per the reports, the bomb was packed in a yellow bag with lines imprinted in Thai on it. The bomb was simply made up of firecrackers which contain sulfur, potassium chlorate, and ammonium powder.

These all ingredients are easily available in the market.The bomb does not contain any shrapnel thus, there was no loss of life.

According to the intelligence agencies, this blast was only the wake-up call for something big. Intelligence agencies are trying to find the similarities between this blast and last two blasts which occur in empty trains in Panipat.

They found some most critical clues which prove the similarity between all these three blasts. One of the leading clues is 12 Volt battery which was found in near places in all the blasts.

These all three blasts were only made with a motive of threatening the peoples that something big is underway and may come in a big way.

According to sources, all agencies are making allegations that Haryana is not the primary target , India’s capital is on the radar of terrorists.

The Delhi which is the capital of India seen to be the next target for terrorist. Police force along with intelligence agencies believing that the same group of people were involved in all the three blasts and mostly all the explosive devices were taken from Delhi to Haryana by trains and buses near Delhi-Haryana border.

Well in this case peoples of Delhi and Haryana are advised to be more careful and avoid going into the crowded places.