Colors #TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th October 2016 Written Updates! Major Twist

Colors #TPK Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th October 2016 Written Updates! Major Twist :- The TV series Thapki Pyar Ki is now all set to showcases a major twist which will be giving high voltage melodrama to the audiences. Ankit Bathla Aka Dhruv is all set to now re-enter in the show and this time he will be seen helping Thapki to exposes Kosi as Kosi is there to ruin the happiness of the Pandey family and she is just having goody goody image which is false.


The TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki have 2 year leap which turn to have a new makeover for Thapki in which nobody is able to recognise her. As we all know that Dhruv aka Ankit Bathla will be re-entering the show and he is back in the Pandey Nivas where Thapki is also present as Vaani Oberoi. She will be seen making a business deal with Kosi and Thapki also pretends to be a rich business man.

Ankit Bathla take his micro blogging site to writes about his come back and he tweeted that, “Back to my family… The Pandeys… See you on Colors Mon to Sun @6.30 pm…Thanks for all your love and support…#dhruv #thapkipyaarki #back #onset #dadi #formal #selfies #thankful #fans #friends #colorstv #antv #india #indonesia #follow #followme @usharana14.”

Thapki actually have been trained by Dhruv for two years. Now she doesn’t stammer anymore and has a new look she just have a look of the Jassi which is donned by Jassi aka Mona Kapoor in the TV serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. She is now back in Bihaan’s life but her motive is to take revenge from him as she feels Bihaan is the reason for her baby’s death.

Bihaan is not aware that Thapki was pregnant as Kosi would have hidden Thapki’s note that she was conceived. But Thapki feels even after reading the note he didn’t try to stop her and she meet with an accident to lose her baby which developed hatred in the hurt of Thapki for Bihaan.

In her motives Thapki first decides to separate Kosi and Shraddha with the help of Dhruv. She promises her baby that she will take revenge on Bihaan anyhow.

Vaani creates such a circumstance wherein Kosi loses the money which Kosi invested in the business. The family due to suffered with massive lose Kosi just forced to take help from Thapki aka Vaani.

Now, Vaani plays her game to make a deal with Kosi. Vaani says she will help Kosi only if Bihaan marries her! Kosi go shocked to know the deal and Bihaan looks sceptical of Baani somehow. While Kosi is confident that Thapki is dead, Bihaan feels his wife is still alive. He also asks the family members not to perform the last Barsi of Thapki.

Now Thapki is repeatedly insults Shradhdha but Shradhdha is sceptical of Vaani and she thinks that Vaani is having some kind of truth and she thinks to bring it back.