Thapki & Shraddha smile! Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Thapki & Shraddha smile! Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- Now the latest crux of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki is yet to showcase on being caught red-handed, Kosi and Naman are forced into handing over the jewellery and money to Shraddha. On finding her double-crossing them, they murder her. Little do they know that this is a master plan of Thapki to expose them!


Later, Shraddha haunts Kosi and Naman to a point, where they start believing she is a real ghost. Will they admit to their crimes it is yet to clear in the upcoming episode of the show!

The episode of the TV series Thapki Pyaar Ki further showcases that when Shraddha gets to know the reality of Kosi and Naman that they are keen to prove Thapki as crazy and they also wish to kill Bihaan, she thinks to expose them as both Kosi and Naman can harm the Pandey family.

Shradhdha tries to reveal the information to Vasu but much before that Kosi and Naman stabs her and also asked to her that with the death of Shradhdha, Kosi and Naman’s secret will be also hidden forever.

Shradhdha goes faint after the attack but Kosi and Naman think she dies and thinks to hide her dead body. When both Kosi and Naman were busy carrying the body they have an encounter with Thapki, Thapki also finds them sceptical but she thinks it would be better to stay mute.

Actually, Thapki is aware of it that Kosi and Naman buried Shradhdha as they keen to kill her. So Thapki is looking forward to having an opportunity when she can save her. Thapki now to maintain a nice relationship with Kosi she calls Kosi Maa as well behaves with her too well.

Kosi is sceptical of Thapki how she suddenly became too good with her to see that Naman said that now Kosi will be trusting her real Saas (Mother-in-law). By having an opportunity Thapki save Shradhdha and she also join hands with Thapki in order to exposed Kosi and Naman as well to teach them the lesson as Kosi and Naman dare to burry Shradhdha alive.

Now Shradhdha started scarring Kosi and Naman by pretending as a ghost and it is also they are just getting scared with having guilty of killing Shradhdha. They also think that now Shradhdha’s soul won’t leave them as they killed Shradhdha.

They also check Shradhddha’s dead body to realise that she has died already and now they just scared of the Shradhdha’s soul. Once Kosi was alone in her room and she sees Shradhdha and embraced Thapki but Thapki behaves like that she did not see anyone which makes Kosi’s believes strong about the Shradhdha’s ghost.

Precap: Kosi runs. Shraddha says I won’t leave you and runs after Kosi. Shraddha says I won’t leave you. Kosi hides under the bed and thinks to do something. Thapki and Shraddha jointly smile.