Virus affecting Veer too! Twenty Four 24 Season 2 17th September 2016 Written Updates

Virus affecting Veer too! Twenty Four 24 Season 2 17th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series 24 Season (Twenty Four) begins with Jai Singh Rathore and ATU has finally caught Suraj, the virus dealer. Assuming that the two Serchan brothers are dead and six virus tubes are under ATU’s control, Shivani Malik notified to PM that Jai’s mission is now successful as well he caught the virus dealer.


Roshan who run away now towards jungle is totally shattered with the Haroon’s death and now he thinks to destroy the entire Mumbai city to seek revenge for his brother’s death. However, PM Aditya Singhania calls for scientists to develop an antidote for the virus. Presuming that the virus and the terrorists are under control, the PMO is dismissed from his position.

Prithvi’s affair takes the centre place with PM and Naina Singhania. Maya manages to run away from Roshan’s clutches with her father but her father killed by the Roshan’s goons. And Maya also caught by ATU team.

Till now ATU team is unable to unlock the virus from the city. But, in no time Jai, the smart patriot, on the basis of Roshan’s medical history informs that Roshan has escaped with that one virus capsule and would probably be heading to Mumbai. Following this, Mumbai is put on high alert and search for Roshan is on.

Jai, meanwhile, returns to ATU where he is informed about Home Ministry setting up an inquiry against him. Now 2 former ATU chief has been arrived here to search for the virus. They are to question him about the unauthorized undercover mission. Abhilasha said rubbish about Jai Singh Rathore in front of the senior ATU chief in the first season meeting and Abhilasha also having bitterness for Jai.

On the other hand, Naina Singhania is busy with Shantaram, the game changer for Amar Mane Shinde’s survival in politics. The story weaves up in the backdrop of March 2006, when Shantaram was paid a hefty amount to keep mum as in the case of the murder of his daughter by a car driven by Amar Mane Shinde. Also, Shantaram’s son Yashwant is a convicted criminal and now he is in the bar. Naina, on the promise of setting his son free, asks Shantaram to unveil Mane Shinde in media. Shantaram gives the nod.