Ukraine Amusement Park: 4-year-old Accidently Hangs Self CCTV Footage

We are sharing with you a saddening incident that has been reported from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. The incident is shocking as a kid lost her life in an amusement park while playing. The tragic incident has left the parents of the child in pain. As the news is surfacing on the internet people are shattered by the tragedic incident. The mother of the deceased girl child has claimed the carelessness of the staff of the amusement park. The family and friends of the little girl are devastated by her death. We are providing the entire information that we have sourced. Go through the whole article to get the information.

Ukraine Amusement Park

The terrible incident occurred in a trampoline park in Mykolaiv city of Ukraine. A girl child who was just four years old died due to suffocation while playing on an inflatable trampoline at a kids’ amusement park. It has been reported that Anna the girl’s mother took her daughter Valeria to the trampoline park. While the child was playing and jumping on the trampoline, the mother was waiting outside. After some time she didn’t listen to the voice of her daughter. She at once asked the staff that she is not listening to the laughter of her daughter. When the staff checked the amusement park, the girl was found tangled up in the ropes.

4-year-old Accidently Hangs Self

At first, the mother thought that the girl has lost consciousness due to the heat. The surrounding people rushed towards the girl to save the child by splashing water and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but the girl was pronounced dead. The visitors are claiming that the staff girls were supposed to take care of the children and for supervising the kids in the bouncy castle. But the three staff girls were distracted by their mobile phones and were unaware of what was going on in the park. Even when they found the girl unconscious, they quickly left the park, leaving the child’s poor mother devastated.

A visitor in the park called the ambulance but the little girl died before the medical help arrived. According to Serhii Shaikhet, chief of the regional police, the child died of suffocation after she was entangled in the loops of the inflatable trampoline. It has been reported that a case of negligence has been filed against the owner of the amusement park. A close friend of Anna, the girl’s mother Natalia told the police that there were no medical assistants and any facility of first aid at the amusement park. The police are investigating the case. Stay tuned.

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