WHO: China Records World’s First Human Death From H3N8 Bird Flu

This is very horrible news that is coming from China which is China records the first H3N8 bird flu death, and this statement is given by WHO. This Bird flu is a serious disease which is why take this disease to seriously. Of this bird flu disease, there are so many peoples who lose their life. Three cases of H3N8 have been detected in China since 2022 as the World Health Organization says the stress does not spread easily between humans. A woman has died of H3N8 bird flu in China, the World Health Organization reported – the first known human death from an avian influenza strain. H3N8 is known to spread since 2002 after first emerging in North American waterfowl. It has been known to infect horses, dogs, and seals.

China Records First H3N8 Bird Flu Death

It had not been detected in humans before two non-fatal cases were reported – both also in China – in April and May last year. The woman who died was a 56-year-old from Guangdong province in southeast China. The WHO said she fell ill on 22 February, was hospitalized for severe pneumonia on 3 March, and died on 16 March. “The patient had multiple underlying conditions. There was a history of exposure to live poultry before the onset of the illness and the presence of wild birds around his home,” the UN health agency said in a statement on Tuesday.

China Records First H3N8 Bird Flu Death

It added, “No close contacts of the case developed infection or symptoms of the disease at the time of reporting.” While exposure to a live poultry market can lead to infection, “it is still unclear what the exact source of this infection is and how this virus is related to other avian influenza A (H3N8) viruses that are circulating in animals.” are,” WHO said, calling for further animal and human investigations. Of the two cases last year, one had severe disease, while the other had mild disease. The WHO said that in both cases, infection is likely to have happened through direct or indirect contact with infected poultry.

“It appears that the virus does not have the ability to spread easily from person to person and therefore the risk of human transmission is considered low at national, regional and international levels,” the Geneva-based organization said. “However, due to the continuously developing nature of influenza viruses, WHO stresses the importance of global management to detect virological, epidemiological and clinical changes associated with spreading influenza viruses that may affect human or animal health.” insists.” Cases of human bird flu are usually the result of direct or indirect exposure to infected live or dead poultry or dirty environments. The WHO states that animal influenza infection can result in conjunctivitis ranging from mild flu-like symptoms, to acute respiratory illness or even death. Gastrointestinal or neurological symptoms have been reported, but are rare.

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