Who Is Kika Guide Dog Video Viral On Social Media, Blind Man’s Hostile Encounter On The Tube

In the present era, there are a number of contents available on the internet that have been entertaining as well as teaching people. People have been making videos and messages to get fame on an online platform. However; some contents are not preplanned and are not uploaded in order to get fame. Nowadays, people are watching a video of a guide dog who is guiding the owner along the roadside. This video of the guide dog has been popular on the internet.

Who Is Kika Guide Dog Video Viral On Social Media, Blind Man's Hostile Encounter On The Tube

Who Is Kika Guide Dog Video

On the account of the viral video, netizens are looking forward to knowing more details related to this dog. As far as the name of the dog is considered, the name of this lately famed dog is Kika according to the sources. The viral video of Kika has become so popular on the internet that it has surged a spate on various social media sites. People are adoring and appreciating the act of KIka in the viral video.

In the comment section of the viral video, people are giving numerous positive comments. On the other hand, a few people are trying to find out any fault in the video so that they may prove the video to be forged.

Kiko is a female dog who resides with her owner named Amit Patel. It is a guide dog. Amit is a blind man. Kika has been living with Amit Patel since the year 2015. Amit is a blind man who Stays with his dog. Amit Patel has given an interview on an international TV platform therein he expressed his viewpoints on Kika.

If we talk about the video of Kika, it is marking a positive image on the internet. Kika has become a renowned dog in the viewpoints of netizens. There is a video of Kiks that is popular on all the virtual platforms of communication. The video is showing Kika along with a blind man. As the man is a visually challenged individual, the dog is helping the man on the roadside with the view to help the blind man to walk along the street.

Although it is not sure yet people are considering the place to the video shoot in London, the United Kingdom. The dog helped the man to reach an underground station. In the video, the man can be easily heard saying to everyone present in the underground station premises “As you do not understand a living human being, you all are worst than a dog.”

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