Who Is Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey? 12-year-old girl Fatally shooting 14-year-old Cousin

Lately, a video of a child shooting his cousin is getting viral on social media networks. This video has been disseminated on the internet and this video has become viral video. This video is showing two kids on the social media platform “Instagram.” For the time being one of the kids shoots his cousin. As per the police investigation, the family of both kids is considering this incident to be an accident as one kid shot another in an accident. The names of the kids are Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey.

girl shoot cousin herself video

Paris Harvey is a 12-year kid who shot his cousin Kuaron Harvey aged 14 years. It was the live streaming by kids going on to the social media platform Instagram. This video has sought the attention of people from, all across the world as the video is showing the moments of the demise of a child. The police have disclosed that the concerned incident has taken place on Friday, 27th Marc 2022 in downtown St. Louis, the United States.

Girl Shoots Cousin: Video Footage

Who Is Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey?

In the viral video, Paris Harvey and Kuaron Harvey are playing with a gun and they go on live streaming on Instagram in the bathroom of their house. The police have registered the statements of all the family members in the context of the death of Kuaron Harvey. The family has disclosed that it was a birthday party going on in the house and the death of Kuaron Harvey is nothing but an accident. In this article, we are likely to express the viral video showing the death of a child so that we may bring all the readers into the swim about this video in brief.

Nowadays, a video is getting viral that is showing a 12-year-old girl shooting her cousin during live streaming on Instagram. The name of the 12-year-old girl is Paris Harvey and the name of her cousin is Kuaron Harvey who is 14-year-old. The girl shoots not only her brother but also herself. It seems that both kids are playing with a gun in their house.

Girl Shoots Cousin And Herself Video

For the time being Paris Harvey shoots her cousin and simultaneously shoots herself. This video has been watched by numerous people. The video is roaming on various networks of social media. The family of both children are calling this incident to be a freak accident. May the souls of both children rest in peace.

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