Who Is TikToker Elyse Myers? Why She Viral After Being Tricked Into Buying 100 Taco Bell Tacos On Worst First Date

In the short video making platform, there are several videos and clips uploaded on it and several of them goes viral while some of them just being a video. Now, we are talking about the new viral video of the platform named TikTok where a TikTok user shared a video on her storytime videos and goes viral, the video is shared by a user named Elyse Myers which is about her unpropitious dream date transformed into a nightmare. The user’s unique and interesting tale was uploaded on her official TokTok handle where it goes viral and collects around 13 million views in just four days and collects immense responses from the viewers with several opinions. The video gains immense views and the comments of the video are also flooded with lots of comments about the matter in which several of users shared their personal opinion in this.

TikToker Elyse Myers

Talking about the video, then in the video the user stated to the viewers on 6th October that following when she was getting handled to dating apps, she was once attached with a guy who desired to go out for lunch on their initial offline date. Myers was terrified when he invited her to join him at his house so that they could move from his house to the hotel rather than joining there individually. Although the red flags were all across the area, she chose to go on with their lunch date ideas, but when she went to the unknown guy’s house, she was left to be the assigned car driver and her date alleged to have dropped his car passkeys.

After that, she said in the video that “Should I have just left him there and gone home? Yes. Did I? Absolutely not.” In addition to this, she stated that as Myers went to the hotel for having lunch she did not understand, her date finished up presenting her ways to a Taco Bell drive-thru. Then, she was got back, but it was over delayed for her to abandon the date and then both of them reached the window, her date placed foremost and concluded up buying 100 full tacos.

Then, she continued the story where they both concluded up at the man’s dad’s house where she had to perform an uncomfortable discussion and then she left with 94 tacos besides in her car. The TikToker stated this date as the worst date ever of her life and the video of her describing the date is still on her TikTok handle, where many of the users commented about this. Stay tuned with us.

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