Who Was Sonia Loja? Connecticut Mom Killed Her Three Children And Hanged Herself

Who Was Sonia Loja? Connecticut Mom Killed Her Three Children And Hanged Herself:- There is a piece of horrific news that came in which a mother killed her own children before killing herself. As everyone said, a mother’s love is the purest or truest love in this world but some mothers were not for this statement. As you can see from this incident, even this is so terrific to imagine that a mother killed her own children with her own hands. There are so many people who are commenting that they don’t believe that Sonia Loja (the mother who killed her children) did this. If you want to know more about this content, then stay connected to this article, we will try to update you on everything you want to know.

Who Was Sonia Loja Connecticut Mom Killed Her Three Children And Hanged Herself

Who Was Sonia Loja? Cause Of Death

This is said that she ran an illegal daycare and there are a lot of children who came to her. One day she informed all the parents that there is a holiday on Wednesday. So no one sent their children to her house. But when the neighbor found the noise of her husband in the evening, they found that all children and their mother died, after that, the neighbor was shocked and immediately called the police. The police came to the spot where they got many pieces of evidence and then they reached the conclusion that how it happened.

According to the police reports, Sonia killed all three children, who are Junior Panjon, a 12 years old kid, Joselyn Panjon, a 10-year-old kid, and Jonael Panjon, a 5-year-old kid. They all were killed by their mother Sonia and this is not enough yet, after killing her children, she killed herself by hanging her under the sheds in the backyard of her house. When the husband arrived home, he found all of them dead, he cried so badly and do not even able to believe the situation, and then a neighbor came to help him.

the reason is not known by anyone why Sonia killed her children and why killed herself too. There were a lot of people in front of Sonia’s house, in some people are neighbors, and some are her relatives or friends. Many people are crying for them and the next day, they left their toys and other things in front of their house in memory of them. We hope this information was helpful for you, and if you want more updates ad information, then always stay connected to us here.

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