Who Was Suzanne Whang? HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Star Dies of Breast Cancer at 56

Suzanne Whang gathering a lot of attention on the internet and social media platforms. Yes, you heard right Suzunne who passed away on 17 September 2019 is currently getting rage on various social media pages. She was an American television host, comedian, radio host, author, minister, writer, producer, and political activist. It is creating a buzz on the internet sites and attracts the interest of many people who are now hitting the search engine to know more about her, so we made an article and shared the entire information about her and also talk why she getting popular nowadays.

Who Was Suzanne Whang?

Let us know about her death, she died on 17 September 2019 and she was 56 years old at the time of her demise. She passed away after a long battle with breast cancer and her death cause was confirmed by her agent. Her deceased news was shared by her partner Jeff Vezain on her Facebook page and he also shared a message for her about her death. Her death news was shocking and saddened news for her family members, friends, and loved ones. Scroll down to know more about her below this paragraph.

Who Was Suzanne Whang?

She was a talented comedian, actress, and television host. She gathered a lot of love and attention for her when she entertained audiences with her vibrant and engaging presence, on the show for a significant period. Her appearance as the television host on various shows made her as one of the most popular personalities. She gains so much popularity for her vibrant and engaging presence on the shows as a host and she generated a large number of fans around the world in a short time period. Now, many of her fans and loved ones are remembering her and expressing thier love for her by posting on social media pages. However, alongside her professional achievements, many of her fans and loved ones remember her for her wonderful and jolly personality to be around. She always spreads joy and laughter wherever she went.

She was born on 28 September 1962 in Arlington, Virginia, United States. She became an American television host, comedian, radio host, author, minister, writer, producer, and political activist she gained so much popularity for having been the host of the HGTV series House Hunters for nine years and her role as manicurist Polly Chae on Las Vegas for four seasons. Now, many of her fans are expressing their love for her and she continuously receives so much attention and popularity from the netizens. Keep connected to dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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