Yamini Shoot Sangram! Naagin 14th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Yamini Shoot Sangram! Naagin 14th May 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- In the one of the most popular supernatural turn horror TV series ‘Naagin’ something is making headlines, which is in the upcoming episodes of the TV series Shivanya is all set to shoot down Viren Raheja who will be waking up from the Coma as after he had been attacked by Shivanaaya, he slipped in to Coma.

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Naagin Episode Written Updates

Now the makers of the popular TV show Naagin decides to extended till June, and as per report the first season of the Naagin is all set to end on higher note. Now it is all set that Kabir aka Rajat Tokas will be making his amazing comeback as an Icchadhari Nevla.

Now Shesha will be joining her hands with Nevla in order to have Rithvik in her life and now Shivanaaya can’t do much as in the last episode of the Naagin, it has been shown that she loses her Icchadhaari Naagin’s power as she slept with Rithvik.

Despite Rithvik is her husband, she can’t developed physical relationship with him as he is human and she is Naagin and if she will be do so than she will not be Naagin anymore. And Sesha join hands with Kabir in order to ruin the life of Shivanaaya.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin, it will be shown that Rithvik’s sister Amrita will be falling in love with Kabir and she will be engaged to him. Ritik won’t know the reality and when he will be getting to know the same, he will be tried to break this engagement.

Eventually Viren Raheja will be making a grand entry as he will be wake up from the Coma and he decides to kill Shivanya, as he was in Coma from a long time because of her.

There will be a fight between Viren and Shivanaaya and Shivanaaya will be managing to shoot him down. Then, the police will come and they will be arrest Shivanya.

Shivanaaya’s mother is also set to comeback in her life from her death bed in order to protect the Naag Maani as her daughter Shivanaaya loses all her supernatural powers. It will be interesting to see whether Shivanaaya will be going to have her supernatural power or not!