Yeng Constantino Husband Accident Video Cause Of Death Reason, How Did He Die Age And Net Worth

Yeng Constantino Husband Accident Cause Of Death Reason, How Did He Died & What Happen To Him? There is the news of the accident of the husband of Yeng Constantino is spreading on the internet. The fans of the singer are worried about their favourite singer and her husband. However, the has not been any confirmation about this news from the side of the singer. It is also being said that her husband has lost his memory in the misadventure. This information about memory loss has made the news to be more interesting for some of the netizens. This article is dedicated to the singer “Yeng Constantino” and the news of the accident of her husband. To get a complete idea about the news, do read the whole article till the last paragraph.

Yeng Constantino Husband Accident Cause Of Death Reason, How Did He Died & What Happen To Him?

Yeng Constantino Husband Accident

There are some posts on social media that are claiming the accident of Yeng Constantino’s husband. The readers better know the name of the spouse of Yeng Constantino, that is, Victor Asuncion. As far as the recent tragedy of Victor Asuncion, it is nothing but a hoax. It seems that the nows has been intended to share a rumour about Victor Asuncion. It is possible that the news of this accident is being made viral from the footage of his wife’s interview therein she had expressed her pity of the earlier accident of her husband. She had mentioned in the year 2019 that she had met with a car accident while she was with her husband.

Cause Of Death Reason

In the accident, Victor Asuncion had lost his memory. She told that she had admitted her spouse to the nearest hospital. At the hospital, there was no facility for the treatment, as a result, her life partner had to suffer so much and that too while he needed the most care. She also stated that the earlier hospital staff referred Victor Asuncion to Dapa Siargao Hospital because they had a lack of equipment. The Filipina rock singer is married. She got married in 2015. She married her husband Victor Asuncion. He is accustomed to living a private life. However, he is active on Facebook and Instagram where he rarely uploads any information about him. He seems to be in his 30s.

Who is Yeng Constantino?

She is a vocalist as well as a guitar player in the Philippines. She was born in Rodriguez, Rizal, the Philippines on December 4, 1988. She has also been seen in the Star Academy TV reality show. She is a member of the Philippines Pop Rock Royalty.

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