Your Facebook logins aren’t safe: Hackers are selling it on Dark Web, only for $3

Your Facebook logins aren’t safe: Hackers are selling it on Dark Web, only for $3: You all should know that maybe your facebook account isn’t safe or somewhere in Dar web someone is selling your data along with your login information. Reports are coming that the latest Facebook data breach is one of the most dangerous things which happened in 2018. Reports are claiming that hackers who accessed digital tokens of almost 50 million users around the world are now selling Facebook logins on the dark web for as low as $3.

Sources are saying that you all can find dozens of listings on the Dark Web marketplace and they all are selling the Facebook information along with your logins. Also, you all can buy these credentials only on $3 to $12 and it all totally depends on the information you are looking for. Also, you all should know that buyers can purchase these user data through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins. It estimated the value of the entire stolen data around $150 million and $600 million.

Some reports are claiming that the leaked digital tokens include sensitive data and it could be misused by cyber criminals for crimes like identity theft or even blackmailing. Some reports are saying that the least harm could be your logins and which means that your email IDs and phone numbers aren’t the same and you all can get them without doing anything special.

Also, the researchers are claiming that Facebook Logins have been on sale on the dark web without any check. According to the research, the process of gaining access to users’ personal data and selling them in the underground market takes less than 10 minutes. Overall, you all can say that it is a serious problem and it will haunt you all in upcoming days. The reports of Facebook credentials being sold online come shortly after the company said it had found no evidence of Facebook Logins being used by hackers.